imgp0525My name is Bukky pronounced Bookie. I am wife to amazing husband, mom to 3 wonderful children, high school Math teacher, a home-cook and style & food  blogger. My 7 years old son is my photographer.

My mom told me that as early as age 3, I have been wanting to style me self. I believe in spending little to look good, and also that you can not over gym bad diet. Eating healthy doesn’t necessary need to cost arms and legs, so does styling your self. I  look for awesome sales to  feel my conservative wardrobe. I can describe my style as classy chic!

On this platform, I will share with you how to buy quality clothing for less, and to style the same outfit in different ways. Also how to eat healthy on a budget. I hope you can enjoy this ride with me.

I do appreciate you for stopping by. Please kindly leave a comment!



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