kmart shirt similar here (for $14:98)//Jcpenny @worthington skirt similar here (for $20:99)// Catofashions pumps similar here ( for $21:99)//

Hello friends! As a bargain shopper this is the time of the season when I look for basics for my  spring & summer work wardrobe because the stores are getting rid of spring &summer items to make space for fall. Every item I wore today were purchased during the clearance sales.

Below I listed what you should be looking into buying for next spring & summer.

Basic work wardrobe for summer +sales items.

1. A white buttoned down shirt. In addition to that, but stripes or embroidered one to take tour style to another level. Several options here (for $7:99 or  for $9:99 or similar to the one I had on for $14:99 or for $18:99 or for $24:99)
2. A pencil skirt.  Pencil skirt in black and your favorite color(s).  Buy the one with a little detail or pattern to make your outfit interesting. Several options here ( for $8:99 or for $9:99 or I love this one here for $14:99 or polkadots for $29:99
3. Midi skirt. I actually prefer midi skirt to pencil skirt. Several options here ( for $6:99 or my favorite for $9:99 or for $14:00 or  for $19:99 )
4. A midi dress. Midi dress is my go to whenever I don’t really have time to mix and match.  It’s one item and done  Several options ( for $11:99 or for $18:99 or for $24:48)

I plan to keep on  updating this post as I find more sales. As always thank you so much for stopping by.

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