All black +Balmain inspired blazer look.  I will start today’s post by asking you a question- will you pay$2, 000 for Balmain Blazer? If you have no idea what it looks like,  I have a pictures for you down below.

My own answer to the question is I will not, even if I could afford it. For me NO clothing worth that much unless it’s made out of gold. I think majority of people( not all ) buy expense things to proof a point. I have no point to proof to anyone so, I wouldn’t buy $2,000 Blazer.
I scored the blazer I am wearing on @whbm for a fraction of the price plus as my way of life -to never pay full price for anything,  the blazer was marked down to $19.98 from $189. 💃🎉. I couldn’t believe it either. OF COURSE I got both colors that were available.
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What I wore/ Similar

WHBM Blazer similar ( here)// Kmart sweater (here)// DKNY jeans (here)// Catofashions pumps similar ( here)





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