This sweater is the softest sweater I owned.How to dress warm in winter and still be stylish. It’s been extremely cold here in the Northeast, so layering skills need to come to play. My first tip is to get a good thermal wear and wear underneath every outfit. Then you got to layer up nicely.

  1. Turtle neck under turtle neck. Wear a fitted turtle neck under a looser and longer turtle neck. For bottom wear a skinny jeans on top of your thermal pant and wear an over the knee boot.
  2. Wear a chuck sweater over the thermal wear and accessorize with a faux leather jacket. For the bottom choose a skinny pant and over the knee boots
  3.  Thermal as the base, a turtle neck under a wide leg jumpsuit and you can wear boots underneath the jumpsuit. Just like I did here. Thank you for stopping by.
What I wore/ similar

Kohls long wool coat similar (here)// Kmart sweater (here)// Calvin Klein (here)// Burlington over the knee boots (here)

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