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Knowing when to buy is essential in looking good. I don’t have the luxury of buying anything with a retail price, but I will share few things that have been helping me to look good on a dime!

These are the things you need to know:

1. Know what works for your body type- I don’t necessary follow trends.

2. Find store/stores that sell what you like.

3. Stalk the items you want to buy at the comfort of your home- I rarely go to store to buy anything these days.

In my case my style is classic- chic (If that’s a word) I love looking classy, and at the same time stylish. My favorites stores are Newyork and company, Catofashions, Ann Taylor, Kmart( yes kmart), dsw, boohoo, and payless. All these stores do crazy sales all the time. So, I grab whatever I have been looking for during sales or on their clearance racks.

Today’s outfit cost me less than $50.

Newyork and company blazer $24

Cato fashions body suit $3.99

Kmart high waisted 3/4 pant $3.99

Payless shoes $7.50

Total 39.48 plus tax total is $41.85

Leave me a comment, what is your style and where are your favorites stores to shop? Do you shop on a budget also?

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