Happy mother’s day. To all you amazing moms out there, I wish you all nothing but success. I have been blessed to be called mom by my 3 amazing, energetic children. I’m not going to lie, being a mom is a non- stop job, but I will not change it for the world.

I am also blessed to have a great and  wonderful mom. Today I will share the lessons my mama taught me just by living her life. There is a saying that children learn best by  watching the adults. It’s so true. Majority of the lessons I learned from my mom were picked up while watching her.

4 lessons I learned from my mom

  1. The word of God. I started memorizing bible verses at early stage because my mom quotes bible verses in every situation. As a kid, I remember getting in trouble and my mom will say “come on here for your punishment because the bible says spare the rod, spoil a child.” She will continue to quote the bible as she spanks my behind. It wasn’t funny then, but I can now say that the discipline helped to shape me as an adult.
  2. To be a good home cook. We didn’t dine out while growing up and I am proud to say that, these days, I cook all our family meals except Friday night — pizza night for the kids. My mom is not a dietician but she cares so much about diet. She also believes in portion control. While I don’t do diets or go to a gym, I cook and do portion control. Okay, a little disclaimer, I went to gym for several months after having my third child to tone my tummy area. I am still working on it but mostly with healthy meals and doing activities with the kids.
  3. To be a hard worker. When I got admitted  into university, I was extremely happy because I thought I was done with house chores. Little did I know that my experience doing chores will help me to balance my life in college.  Also, running around with my young children, cooking, sweeping, generally working around my home are things I learned from my mother.
  4. To be a wife and mom even if you are not feeling good. I struggled a lot with this ideology of my mom while growing up. Whenever I wasn’t feeling good growing up, I just want to lay in bed, but mama will come and wake me up. She will say “as a lady you need to wake up and take care of your children. What if you have a child that needs a diaper change, food, water, are you going to lay in bed and tell the baby that mommy is sick?” Get up, wash up, eat, use medicine, and then you can go back to bed.  Mommy, I can say you are right, no sick days for moms. What I wore/ Similar

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I hope you learn a thing or two from my mom and I. Thank you for stopping by.

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