How cute is this gingham top from Catofashions. They are sold out online because of course I got it on clearance rack for $3:99

Catofashions top// Andrew Marc pant from Costco// Burlington Backpack (Buy here $19:99 )// Burlington Slides (Buy here  $10:99)// Burlington sunglasses (Buy here  $9:99)

Happy Saturday!  We will be going on a mini vacation soon, and that prompts me to share with you vacation essential. As a mom of of 3 young children, comfort is the key whenever we are all out and about. You never know when you will need a good run. Even though our children are ages 8, 5 and 3, yes I still run a times to check someone walking on the street instead of side work.

Mini vacation essentials for moms- Back pack, slides, sneakers and sunglasses
  1. Backpack – the backpack helps to keep all the valuables, and most importantly be hands free to grab those kids if need be. lol
  2. Slides or sneakers– as much as I love my heels to provide a little bit of height to this 5’3 and half frame of mine, comfort is the key. I want to walk without any pain #walkwithoutpain lol
  3. A pair of sunglasses – sunglasses helps to not only look stylish but to block SUV ray from our eyes. I have done so many damage to my eyes by never worn sunglasses back in Nigeria. I encourage our kids to always wear one too.

What are you vacation essentials? As always thanks for stopping by.


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