NYC shirt similar (HERE)//Kohl’s pant similar (HERE)// Kmart heels similar (HERE)

Hello! Can we all agree that monochromatic outfit looks good on every body type? I think it has to do with the eyes seeing just one color from head to toes.
I have done couple of monochromatic HERE, HERE, HERE  and HERE look but my favorite will have to be today’s post because red is one of my favorite colors. My favorite color is actually brown color. I know it sounds odd.
Anytime I want to shop my closet for an outfit, I go for monochromatic look because all you have to do is to search the color of outfit you love and check your shoes rack for exact or variation of that color.
The shirt  is like 3 years old from Newyorkandcompany, pant almost 5 years from Kohl’s and the heels are from Kmart like 3 years ago. This look is another example of getting them cheap doesn’t mean they are cheaply made. I have worn each item on several occasions and they are still holding up pretty well.Get the similar look for less than  $60 above.
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