Shop your closet before you buy again! graphic

Hello family and friend! Today I will digress from my go to outfits, and share something that I’ve been practicing this year. Most of of us- especially ladies have been guilty of the phrase ‘ I don’t have anything to wear’ even a walking wardrobe full of clothes and shoes. This year I make it […]

‘My go to outfit series’ 2 Camel +Black =Sophistication graphic

Hello friends and family! On my blog today I continue ‘my go to outfit series’ with these colors combo (camel + black). Whenever I need to look pull together on time- which is all the time, I go for these colors combo. The combo speaks class to me all the time. Look for these in […]

Layering jumpsuit. graphic

Hello beautiful people! I found out that I don’t really wear my jumpsuit as much. I usually wear them to party-which I rarely go to ( struggle of a working mom of 3) Most of my jumpsuits are tight fitted around my bottom area, and as a teacher the last thing you want is distraction […]

Comfortable sandals for less! graphic

I don’t know about you but I cannot afford a pair of shoe that cost more than $100. I don’t own a pair of expensive shoes but from what I have heard they are not the most comfortable out there. I splurge on handbags because I carry one for a long time, but not shoes. […]

My love for wide legs pants/ Palazzo! graphic

Hey family and friends! Welcome to my blog. This is my very first post. Please kindly leave me a comment- it will really mean a lot to me. I am sharing with you today my love for wide legs pants/Palazzo. I love them more especially during fall and winter because I can wear my thermal […]

About me! graphic

    My name is Bukky pronounced Bookie. I am wife to amazing husband, mom to 3 wonderful children, high school Math teacher, a home-cook and style & food  blogger. My 7 years old son is my photographer. My mom told me that as early as age 3, I have been wanting to style me […]