Red + burgundy outfit. Since burgundy is a mix of red, brown and a little bit of blue, pairing burgundy with red can create the illusion of monochromatic look. I do love to wear burgundy just as much as I love to wear red. I chose a leopard print to bag just to add texture.
Everything I am wearing minus shoes is less than $50. I got the sweater from @catofashions during the end of season clearance for $5:99, you can get this season sweater for $19:99. The pant is from @Kmart and it’s currently on sale for $9:99. If you are built like me, smaller waist and bigger hips, this is the pant for you. It has inner button which helps to close the gap every pant gives at the waist. The pumps are from @JCP very old but since I usually leave the price tag at the bottom of my shoes, I can still see the price.The pumps are $12. The bag is from @catofashions for $9:99
You too can create the look for less than $50
Sweater (here) for  $19:99// Pant (here)//  for $9:99// Bag sold out but similar (here) for $14:07

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