Hello everyone! Happy first day of winter. It has been cold around here for about a week+, so I guess welcome winter we’ve been smelling you from  afar for while. I love to wear duster/vest/cardigan/ long blazer because it just covers my behind, and I don’t have to worry whether my students are focusing on the task or something else!This particular duster from boohoo is very stylish and affordable. Boohoo does sales all the time. I got mine during 50% sale.

I will say I was just trying to experiment or have fun with colors on today’s look. I combined white , green, and black with leopard print, and I think it works. What do you think?

Duster// white sweater sold out but I love this one here//pant//shoes sold out but I love this one here $15.84 you can’t beat that.

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