Hello friends! Happy new week, I will be sharing how to save money on vacation on today’ post. For  those who don’t know me, my name is Bukky. I am a wife, mom of 3, full time Math teacher, and a style & food blogger. I reside in DC area with my family.

We ( my husband and I) haven’t be able to travel outside of the country with out children because we will love our last baby to be 5years old. We believe at that age she’s old enough to  remember the experience and be able to participate fully.
However, we do travel with the kids every summer to neighboring states like Virginia, New York,  Pennsylvania, Delaware and so on. All these places are about 3-4 hours drive from DC area. My husband takes care of how to save money on hotel, and I take care of how to save money on meals. Ways to save money on meals is what I will discuss with you.

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Ways to save money on vacation

1. The first thing  is to pack some meals to carry with along. Yes, I am that lady with a big cooler at the check -in desk in to the hotel. LOL. Mostly Jollof rice, chicken stew and spinach. Pack all these into a cooler and pour ice cubes over everything for successful transportation.
2.  Also pack a lot of snacks for the kids. Rice Krispy, Oreo cookies, fruits snacks, juice boxes and water bottles. Costco sells all the snacks in bulk.
3. Exercise portion control to the maximum when you go to the restaurant to eat.  This is a win win situation. You save money, and you avoid gaining weight during vacation. The serving at every restaurant is always too much for me. So, I always ask for box, and divide my meal into two. The meal below was my breakfast at IHOP,and I did just that- divided into two.

Today’s look is the color combo that I am loving currently. White, blush and nude. I have had the white shirt for a while, and I have style this skirt here and here

As always thank you for stopping by.

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