Hello family and friend! Today I will digress from my go to outfits, and share something that I’ve been practicing this year. Most of of us- especially ladies have been guilty of the phrase ‘ I don’t have anything to wear’ even a walking wardrobe full of clothes and shoes. This year I make it my duty to shop my closet first, and only buy if it’s on super sale and I need it. I shopped today’soutfit right in my closet. I have had everything in today’s look for at least 2 years now. My camisole, sweater and jacket are from kmart. I shop a lot of my clothing items during end of the season’s sales. You just have to know your style and shop for what appeal to your style instead of what is in vogue. My jeans is Calvin klein from costco. Yep you heard me well costco for like $19.99, and my boots are from DSW. As always thank you for stoping by.

Similar floral blazer// similar sweater// similar camisole//similar jeans//similar boots//similar sunglasses




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