Hello everyone! Today’s post is about my recent deals from whit house black market @whbm. I have been seeing pumps with gorgeous embellishment on them. They are expensive, and I cannot for the life of me save to buy a pair of un-comfortable shoes, but I will not lie I love seeing them on bloggers. I’ve never bought anything from (WHBM). I went to their website because of a blush blazer that I saw on instagram, and as a queen of clearance rack- I decided to check out their sales. There I found a burgundy blazer, neutral blazer, a midi dress, and a pair embellished pumps all for $19.98 each.

Pumps for $19.98 originally  $165. Shoes here buy before they disappear.

I have never added anything so fast to the cart in my life. These look like the Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) pumps that retails for $585. Nearly every reviewer said they run big, so I got  7 instead of 7.5. It fits tightly, but I guess by the time I wear it for maybe 3 or 4 times it will be okay. The top materials are velvet and the bottoms were made out of leather. The original price was  $165 but I got it on final sale for $19.98. The lapis blue is one of the colors of the year. I am so happy I got a lapis blue shoes.

I got the blazers in size 4, and I got burgundy and neutral. I want to be able to wear the blazers on top of sweater for fall and early winter. The blazers are well made. They are lined, and have 3 decorative buttons by the wrist. I still can believe that I got the blazers for $19.98 each.

I have been loving burgundy and pink lately. So, I decided to pair the blazer with burgundy and pink skirt.
The neutral and burgundy are sold out, but this is the one I went to the site for (blush blazer)// pink blouse old @kohl’s // Skirt old @newyorkandcompany// Shoes old @catofashions

Are you a bargain shopper? Where and how do you shop for deals?  Thanks for stopping by.



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