@Kmart Jumpsuit old but similar ones here//on sale here//here// @Catofashions bag sold out online but you can check the stores. Cute ones here// here// @Costco cardigan- they still have them in stores// @Catofashions mules sold out similar ones here//here

Hello everyone! I don’t know about you, but I love jumpsuits. People complain about having to take everything off to use a public bathroom, and I say just look for the jumpsuit with zipper,un- zip upper part of the body, and go on doing your business.

Jumpsuits are like a recipe for getting ready on time. So, I do collect them. They can be tricky to work to work though, especially for someone like me (teacher). What I found out is wearing a long blazer of vest on it makes jumpsuit wearable to work.

I got this particular jumpsuit from @kmart. I remember walking into @kmart and I saw this beautiful jumpsuit- was drawn it immediately. I checked the price tag,($34.99) and I knew could exercise a little patience for it to go on sale. After about 3 weeks it became half off( $17.99), but I knew I can still wait a little more. It eventually when on sale for $7.99, and the beauty of it all was that I paid nothing out my pocket because I had enough point in my @kmart/ @sears to cover the cost.

My advice to get steep deals on clothing and shoes is to exercise delay of gratification- simply don’t buy it right away, trust me it will go on sale.

I will be wearing this jumpsuit a lot this season.  I think wearing cardigan over the jumpsuit makes it looks like an office attire, and I will also love to wear it as a pant.

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2 thoughts on “Spring/ Summer Jumpsuit!”

  1. I loved this article! Thanks for the advice that everything always go on sale. It’s so true. I always jump and make the purchase so that I get what I like before it sells out, but you’re right. Patience is key. Thanks!

    Erica, Black Bloggers Network
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