How to style faux leather jacket in winter. Faux fur jacket is consider to be appropriate for fall and spring wardrobe because of the extreme cold weather conditions of winter. But a times we are blessed with 60s even in fall, and why not  celebrate with  whipping out leather jacket. This jacket is currently on sale for $18

How to style faux leather jacket

1. Wear the leather jacket over turtle neck sweater.
2. ‎Layers. Wear a camisole, button down chambray and top off with weather jacket.
3. ‎Peppy look. Wear a solid color shirt, a sweater on top and top off with leather jacket.

 What I wore/ Similar

Kmart faux leather jacket (here)// Kmart sweater (here)// Calvin Klein jeans (here)//Catofashion suede pumps similar (here)

Happy holidays!

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