Hello! Today I will be sharing tips on how to look gorgeous as a wedding guest and where to get beautiful dresses for less! The first thing I do whenever I have a party is to shop my closet. Most of the time we( ladies) say “We don’t have anything to wear ” all because we haven’t trying to mix and match.

Tips on how to look gorgeous as a wedding guest.

  1. Go for monochromatic look. Monochromatic look makes you look expensive. It’s the look I went for today. I got my yellow dress from @nycompany last year, yellow earrings are my recent purchase from @rainbowshops, and yellow sandals were from @paylessshoes. Can you testify that having one color outfit, makes the outfit looks expensive?
  2. Do not use too much accessory. Using lesser accessory makes the outfit looks expensive. Go for a very big necklace or big earring, but not both together.

    Where to get beautiful dresses for less!

    Where I love to shop. My newest favorite place is @catofashions.1.  Catofashions do have beautiful dresses for very reasonable prices.  The don’t do sales like use coupon codes, and all that, but if you could wait you can get beautiful outfit on clearance for close to nothing. 2. Newyorkandcompany is my all time favorite place to shop. They do have sales nearly every weekend. I normally buy when I get coupon in the mail from them.  3. JCP is just like @newyorkandcompany. They do incredible sales all the time.

    newyorkandcompay mint dress
    newyorkandcompany floral dress
    Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 11.40.00 PM
    jcpenny blush dress

    @Newyorkandcompany mint dress on sale for $19:99// @Newyorkandcompany floral dress on sale for $19:99// @Catofashions red dress $10:99// @Jcp coral  dress $64:99 on sale for 30% off

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