Dress sold out. Similar here// Shirt old but similar here// Shoes sold out but I love this one here

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing with you one of the favorites item in my wardrobe. I got this midi dress from catofashions ( clearance rack ) for $6.99 few months ago and since then I couldn’t stop wearing it.

I love the length, and the fact the it’s not too tight. I love form fitted outfit, but I don’t like it when it’s too tight. We all know the problem that comes with too tight clothing- the underwear lines show through, I hate that. Some people say to solve the problem don’t wear underwear- I can’t do that. I am not trying to be Erika Jayne (Inside joke for all housewives watchers). So, this dress shows your curve in a right way(may be I should say the teacher way). I hope catofashions will bring them back in all colors.

Another reason why I love this dress is the fact that I can wear it during summer, fall and winter- just like I wore it right here. I love to maximize my wardrobe. Today look is more of fall because the shirt is very light weight also.

Do you have an outfit you can call your uniform because you wear it all the time? Kindly leave me a comment. Thank you so much for stopping by.



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