Hello everyone! Today’s post is all about why I wasn’t a big fan of off shoulder? Off shoulder top/ dress has been no no for me before, because if I am not comfortable in it, I am not wearing it.

3 reasons why I wasn’t a big fan of off shoulder

Firstly, I was afraid that one of my children will pull on the off shoulder, and the boobs will be out there.

Secondly, as a mom of 3 children, the last thing I want to worry about while I am running around with my children is adjusting my outfit. Now that my children are getting older, and I don’t need to carry them around often- I am open to this kind of off shoulder ( The one I was wearing in today’s post).

Lastly, 95% of outfits in my closet are clothes I can wear to work and church. ¬†Personally I don’t think off shoulder is work appropriate. So, If I can only wear it on weekend- I will not necessarily go for it.

Now that I am open to off shoulder, I am not open to all of them. I love the kind that I was wearing in today’s post. It has elastics by the shoulder. So, I can adjust it just the way I like.

Are you a fan of off the shoulder? Leave me a comment. As always thank you for stopping by.

What I wore/ Similar

@Catofashions off the shoulder sold out but (similar here for $4:99)// (I love this one here for $5:99) //and (this one here for $14:99)

@Anntaylor colored jeans old (similar here for $24:99)

@Catofashions orange flat old (I love these here for $44:99)

@Burlington earrings (Similar here for $14:99)

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