Hello friends! There is no secret to my love for animal prints, and I do wear them all year round. If you think that leopard print is meant for fall season, think again. You can rock the leopard prints in the spring with a very vibrant pant or skirt.

Pairing leopard print with white is one of my favorite pairings for the spring season. It was a  little chilly today, so I wore my @boohoo duster to keep me warm. The white skinny pant is still the same one I wore in my previous post (neutral outfit). Don’t let anybody fool you that it has to cost a lot to be of a good quality. I have had my shoes for almost 6 years now, and I wear them a lot, I mean a lot, and they are still holding up pretty cool.  I call them my teacher’s shoes,because They provide me height and comfort. Guess where I got them from?  @kmart! On clearance for less than $10. It’s from a brand called route 66, and they do have some pretty cool selections for spring.  These are currently on sale for buy one get one for 50% off

What I wore/ similar items

@boohoo duster for $15

Old Leopard print shirt similar here  $9.99// or // here

@Catofashions Skinny pant sold out but similar here

@Catofashion necklace here

Do you wear leopard print all season too? Kindly leave me a comment. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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