Hello family and friends! Today’s  post is all  about buying your winter essentials now that majority of items are between 50%- 70% off. For those who don’t know me, My name is Bukky and I don’t pay retail prices.

I started buying out of season for my now 7 years old when he was a baby because he was growing out of everything fast.  Then it done on me while I was shopping for him one day that I can do the same for myself, since then I never pay retail price again. I don’t really follow trends, so it is easier for me to shop for my style and body. Now that we have 3 children, buying out of season is what I do for them. It saves us tons of money.  I will list all the deals that I love down below.

Macy’s $22.25

Macy’s $19.87


Kmart $12.99

ASOS $44.00

Catofashions $4.99

Catofashions $3.99

Kmart $5.99

Kmart $10.80

kmart $21.84

Kmart $29.40

Sears $36.40

Burlington $59.99

Shein $23.00

Shein $23.00

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